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Modern priorities of the Ukrainian foreign policy have gone through a long process of transformations in a rather complicated international environment. At that early stage of Ukraine’s existence as an independent state the nation had to prove its capacity of being a worthy player on the international arena, gain the reputation in the international organizations and protect its own interests in the sphere of foreign policy.European integration is a key priority in the foreign policy of Ukraine that integrates the whole complex of efforts both inside the country and beyond its borders. They are aimed at moving Ukraine closer to the EU and creating preconditions necessary for the future accession of the state to the EU.

Euro-Atlantic integration lies in protecting Ukraine’s security interests, participating in building up Euro-Atlantic zone of stability and security, gradual integration into NATO.At the level of bilateral relations Ukraine strives to use all potential of its strategic partnership that is based on mutual interests and common approaches in finding ways of solving the problems with the USA, Russia and Poland. Ukraine’s incentive is to establish and maintain friendly relations with the neighboring states respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of these countries. Ukraine established diplomatic relations with more than 170 states; 118 diplomatic missions represent the interests of Ukraine in almost 80 countries.

Ukraine conducts active multilateral policy in the framework of global and regional organizations. At present Ukraine is a member of 80 international organizations and financial institutions.Protecting Ukrainian citizens abroad and safeguarding the rights of Ukrainian Diaspora will remain constant priority of the foreign policy of Ukraine and the sphere of particular attention of Ukrainian diplomatic and consular missions abroad.The legal basis of Ukraine amounts to more than 3000 bilateral and 350 multilateral agreements. Most of Ukrainian bilateral agreements cover such sphere as economy and trade, customs cooperation, mutual attraction and protection of investments. These are also the agreements on fighting organized crime and illegal drugs’ trafficking, avoiding double taxation etc.

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