Ukraine at the Glance:

State ( Holidays )

New Year’s (January 1) ,
Christmas (celebrated on January 7 according to the Orthodox calendar),
International Women’s Day (March 8),
Easter (celebrated according to the Orthodox calendar),
Labor Day (May 1 and 2),
Victory Day (May 9),
Holy Trinity,
Constitution of Ukraine (June 28),
Independence Day of Ukraine (August 24)

State ( Citizenship )

Ukrainian citizenship is the primary pre-requisite for the State to protect rights and freedoms of its citizens on the territory of Ukraine as well as beyond its borders.

In accord with the Constitution of Ukraine, single citizenship is being exercised in the country. Ukraine does not support the idea of multiple citizenries since a person is not capable to equally efficiently use the rights and bear responsibilities with regard to several states. If a Ukrainian citizen acquired citizenship (nationality) of another country or countries, in legal relations with Ukraine he/she is treated as the citizen of exclusively Ukraine. The same concerns an alien that acquired Ukrainian citizenship who is regarded in legal relations with this country as Ukrainian subject only. As to the issue of multiple citizenships, the position of Ukraine is fully in line with the international rules.

The Law “On the Ukrainian Nationality” states that irrespectively of the grounds for the acquiring, the citizenship of Ukraine is single and equal. Unrelated to the fact of citizenry being it from birth or receiving it on different grounds, all the nationals use equal rights and bear identical responsibilities.

State ( Political System )


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