Ukraine at the Glance:

Society of Ukraine

Folk Traditions

Ukraine is home to 130 nationalities and communities that have their roots here. The multinational makeup of the country took shape over thousands of years. Every nationality brought its culture and religion. Over the centuries, they learned how to understand one another and respect the traditions of their neighbors. They built their homes and places of worship near each other, defended themselves from invaders, and raised their children together. Therefore, when visiting Ukraine, one can become familiar not only with Ukrainian traditions, but also with the traditions of other nations.

Main characteristics

Religions in Ukraine Ukraine’s religious fabric is represented by 55 religious confessions within the framework of which there are 34,000 religious organizations; namely 32,500 religious communities, 82 centers, 246 administrations, 420 monasteries, 333 missions, 74 brotherhoods, 192 religious educational establishments, and 12,700 Sunday schools. There are 29,400 clergymen in Ukraine. The number of religious printed mass media is constantly increasing and at present constitutes 383 publications. For public worship, religious organizations use 22,000 religious buildings, or buildings adapted for purposes of worship.
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The State Committee on Nationalities and Religions of Ukraine
The All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations
The Religious Information Service of Ukraine

National composition According to the latest population census that took place in 2001, more than 37.5 million people are Ukrainian, which comprises 77.8 percent of Ukraine’s total population. After the Ukrainians, the largest group is Russians – about 8.3 million (17.3%). The Belarusians are next, with 275,000 (0.6 percent), followed by the Moldavans, with 258,000 (0.5 percent) and Crimean Tatars, with 248,000 (0.5 percent).Today, representatives of different nationalities have the opportunity to study the language, culture and history of their people, create their own people’s centers and celebrate their national holidays. Supreme and local bodies of authority in every way possible support the development and full-fledged existence of ethnic groups and their integration into Ukrainian society.
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All-Ukrainian population census


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