Pakistan-Ukraine Relations:                                                                           

Pakistan-Ukraine relations are foreign relations between Pakistan and Ukraine. Pakistan recognized Ukraine’s independence in 1991. Diplomatic relations between both countries were established 1992. However, the Pakistan and Ukraine were first established before the Ukrainian independence from Soviet Union.
Pakistan has an embassy in Kiev. Ukraine has an embassy in Islamabad and an honorary consulates in Karachi and Lahore. Ukraine and Pakistan have been cooperating with each other in educational sectors as well as cultural exchanges. Pakistan and Ukraine are also heavily cooperating with each other in aerospace engineering, aerospace technologies, bio-medical sciences and science and technology. Ukraine is one of the country who has strong and close ties with Pakistan.
In January - August 2009, the bilateral trade turnover was USD 189.3 million.

Defence and Science and Technology:
Pakistan and Ukraine are heavily cooperating in defence and science and technology. According to the Ukrainian Ambassador to Pakistan, has stated that "Ukraine is one of the most technically developed country of Europe and ready to assist Pakistan in all fields including education, exploration of natural resources and providing technical assistance. Ukraine already assist Pakistan in heavy technical industries Taxila and also in the production of  arms for Pak-Army.
Ukrainian Ambassador also stated that "Both Pakistani and Ukrainian scientists are working together in the field of space technology to military technology". Pakistan is also assisting Ukraine in science and technology and helping Ukraine to established engineering universities in the country.



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